Simply, I believe in recalling emotions through imagery. 

To see. To remember. To feel.

These are important parts of life to me. When I see a photo that makes me laugh, cry, wonder, dream, think, get butterflies, or even bring a bittersweet emotion, I believe the photo is doing its job: recalling an emotion. I fell in love with shooting weddings because a wedding day holds SO many feelings. Twenty or two hundred of your favorite people gather to witness your union, support your decision, and celebrate you into the night with their dance moves. I want to be there by your side (but a fly on the wall)— photographing the laughs, the tears, the surprises, the everything— so you can relive your day decades from now, remembering exactly how you felt when you married your person. 

I’m Betsy. I feel it all, and I've made it my life's work. 

My interest in photography sparked when I was young(er) as I watched my dad photograph everything around him. I asked for my first camera when I was 8 years old, and from the first moment it was in my hands, I couldn't put it down.

I photographed EVERYTHING from bugs to people to Beanie Babies, filling shoeboxes with negatives and little 3x5 prints. After coloring "backdrops" on notebook paper for each of my beanie babies and having a full-on photo shoot, I knew photography would be a part of my life forever. (Seriously)


I photographed my first wedding in November, 2008: 175 weddings, 17 states, and 7 countries later, I am still loving every second.

My "knack" is being aware and searching for those in-between moments that hold all the emotion.