"Aside from my groom, choosing Betsy to be a part of my wedding was the best decision I made.

From the beginning, Betsy was a rockstar. She not only put me at ease, but also put my husband (who, prior to meeting me, only had about 3 current photos of him in existence) at ease. 

My husband is active duty military and we spend a lot of time apart because of that. Having our wedding photos has been an incredible source of joy and comfort to me throughout that. Words will never be able to express my profound gratitude for Betsy in providing me with this wonderful blessing. 

Also, on the down low, if you choose Betsy, you’ll gain a true friend. She is one in a million."


*Alt testimonial: Betsy is a beautiful wizard land mermaid 🧜🏼‍♀️*



“To say that Betsy is incredibly talented, kind, caring, and a consummate professional would be akin to calling the sky blue. It’s obvious. 

Anyone should want to hire her based on those qualifications alone. But those qualities are really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to having Betsy as your wedding photographer. In truth, we don’t know if our wedding would have been as special and memorable if Betsy weren’t there.

To adequately describe Betsy both as a photographer, professional and a person would require far more words and time. Knowing that we were fortunate enough to have her on our team during our wedding was a dream come true and we knew that no matter what, we would have stunning images of our day to enjoy for the rest of our lives. And that is exactly what we got and so much more.”

-Danny & Jenny



"As soon as we set a date for the big day- I immediately contacted Betsy!

I knew I wanted her to capture our special day!  Betsy has a way about her that makes you feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. It is truly a gift and it is so evident in her work. You feel like you are just hanging out with your BFF and it puts you at ease, especially on your wedding day!

Betsy made our day PERFECT with her calming presence, easy going temperament, and fun loving personality! I get all giddy looking back at our photos because she captured our  joy, excitement, and love perfectly! Thankful for our memories but even more thankful to have her as a friend! She really is the bomb. Dot. Com."

- Nathan & Caytlin



"Hiring Betsy to photograph our wedding was a no brainer.

We knew we loved her style, and the way she so naturally captures every element and emotion of a wedding beautifully and timelessly. We listened to and trusted her advice on everything from hiring a second shooter to the timeline of the day and even deciding on a first look, and are so glad we did. Betsy inserted herself seamlessly into super special moments - at times feeling like a close friend, and other times like a fly on the wall - and somehow managed to capture amazing photos regardless of how intimate or chaotic the moment may have been."

- Jake & Lindsey



"Betsy has a knack for not only capturing moments but capturing the beauty in those moments.

You can feel the day, not just see the day in pictures Betsy takes. When you work with her, it is so easy to have an instant connection-- and when the process is over, you will be wishing you had another reason to spend time with her. Betsy's personality is infectious. You will be smiling and laughing in every moment. We are the lucky ones. We have the most beautiful, dreamy, fun, and stunning photos."

-Marc & Fatime



"Betsy met with us beforehand to get a sense of our relationship and our story to ensure that she understood what we were all about.

Her appreciation for the art of wedding photography is so apparent in her work! The photographs from our wedding are nothing short of perfection. She made everyone feel super comfortable in front of the camera so our photos never looked forced. Looking back at them brings back so many happy memories! From the first look to the reception, every picture captures the excitement of our big day beautifully."

-Stephen & Lauren