Sacramento | Mill Valley | San Francisco | Los Angeles

The morning David left for his tour with Joe Ely, I lay in bed missing him already. Out of curiosity, I looked up flights to Sacramento, CA (about halfway through his tour and the only whole week I’m free until August). $100. I was shocked. I told my mom; she told me to go for it. I told my roommate; she said, “YOLO”. So I took the plunge and booked it. I decided to keep it a secret in order to surprise David. On the morning of my flight, I made my way to the airport in the sleepiest state. Once on the plane and in the air, I realized I left my camera IN MY CAR AT THE AIRPORT! Nooooo! I was so sad, but I decided to not let that stop me from documenting the trip. Sooo, here’s my trip (via phone photos) to surprise David mid-tour: Sacramento. Mill Valley. San Francisco. Los Angeles. (And some driving in between.) If you’re interested in visually following my normal day-to-day, I’m on Instagram: HERE HERE

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