Everest Paul | A Birth Story

Christian & Jasmine | August 11, 2014

Fast forward 21 months (ish) later--

JASMINE: "Christian and I had no idea what was coming. When Everest landed on my chest, we just started bawling. He was so beautiful! We had worked so hard over the past 9 months-- puking, then making a third bland dinner-- Christian had taken over most of the household duties as I became too sick to keep up. But since Everest's birth, we have this brilliant light nuzzled in our hearts and in our arms. Christian and I look at each other in awe of such a wonderful thing that grew from our love. I am smitten with my amazing husband who changes diapers and rocks a hysterical newborn until he falls asleep. Likewise, Christian says he has never been more in love with me since seeing Everest's birth and how I care for him. Life with a baby isn't always sunshine and rainbows; it has challenged my sanity. Everest's crying coupled with my feelings of inability and inadequacy have buckled me to weeping many nights. We would definitely agree that Everest has cost us in sleep, showers, lost and postponed dreams, or missed opportunities to spend time with friends, but it has all been well worth it and we would gladly do it all over again."