Alvan & Allie | Canadian, TX

“I am on the fence about nearly everything I’ve seen, and I have felt the fire be put out by too much gasoline; we’re all strangers passing through a place and time afternoon. Life is but a vision in a window that we’re peeking through. A helpless conversation with a man who says he cares a lot. It’s a hopeless confrontation about who might throw a punch or not. We are all transgressors, we’re all sinners, we’re all astronauts, so if you’re beating death then raise your hand but shut up if you’re not ’cause I am the difference maker. Oh, I am the only one that speaks to him, and I am the friendliest of friends of God” -NTB

These two have a special place in my heart. Time spent with them is so precious to me. Excited for their MEXICAN THEMED wedding day come August! Get excited because there will definitely be a wedding donkey. Yes, you heard me. A wedding donkey.

Betsy LackeyComment