Sometimes, I travel.

Thanksgiving means I get a couple of days to spend precious time with my family, catch up on some work, and think on how blessed I am. In October, I booked a cheap cheap flight from Austin, TX to Nashville, TN. I spent some with a distant and good friend, Ben, who drove up from Memphis to spend a couple of days with me. Ben is one of my most loyal and passionate friends; he's incredible at keeping in touch, and he believes in people more than anyone I know. If you EVER need a real and encouraging phone call, call Ben. I'll post more photos from our adventure in Radnor Lake Park someday soon. After spending some time with Ben (and new friends), I hopped in the van with my guy, his tour mates, and his tour manager who had one stop in Nashville before heading further east. Their (and my) next stop was North Carolina. With three stops in North Carolina, my favorite was our second in Boone, North Carolina. Tackling snowstorms in a small rental van, we took on the wet winding roads to put on a cozy house show in this quaint, but romantic little mountain town. I loved every second. We walked in the home to be greeted with homemade hot apple cider, and the night only got better. Here's a short video of David singing by the fire. I'll post more from the whole trip someday, but until then, I hope you enjoy this sweet man's voice and words as much I do.

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