Austin & Samantha | Austin, TX

Austin & Sam are two of the most classy, elegant, gentle, witty, hilarious people.

And maybe it's because my current binge show on Hulu is The OC (never watched it growing up), but doesn't Samantha look just like young Mischa Barton?!? WHAT. A. BABE. 

These two are something special. Catch their wedding here soon! (there will be donkeys. I repeat: there will be donkeys)

Wedding Books

If you're thinking about getting a wedding book, but can't decide, let me help you: You need one. There is something so special about holding images in your hands. I'm guilty of keeping hundreds and hundreds of files just sitting to rot on my computer instead of printing them, BUT we can be better. :) Print your images. Order a book. Frame a moment, and turn the pages of a book. It's important, and you won't regret it. Eleanor, the goldendoodle agrees with me.