Summers Family

This is the Summers family. From the little time I got to spend with them, I know, without a doubt, their family is filled with love. I left the shoot, smiling and feeling like I was part of their family JUST from spending one hour with them.

March 21st was World Down Syndrome Day, and I missed the mark with this blog post, but I thought I'd share this post to honor Brandon. SUCH A COOL DUDE! And we do the same eyebrows-raised silly face in front of the camera. It's definitely my go-to. 

Mama Bird Box | Fall

This company is so incredible. Mama Bird box loves mamas. They believe that moms work hard growing another human, and they deserve to be pampered. They offer one month, three month, and six month subscriptions that cater to pregnant and even postpartum mamas. 

Want a box or want to gift a box to an expecting friend? Check them out here:

Acuña, Mexico

A few weeks ago, two of my best friends, Alvan and Allie, reached out to me to go to Mexico with them. I immediately said yes, and before I knew it, we were hammering the last nail into a new home for a single mom and her three boys. 

To read a little more on Alvan & Allie's story, read here:

Here are some film frames from the week: